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Hi this is Mark Ashley, and welcome to my official Mark Ashley website. I  appreciate you taking the time to see what we have to offer and say about the adult  industry. As an artist and a member of the adult entertainment community, I'm really enjoying working on all aspects of adult film and now bringing even more content  and behind the scenes information on porn to my fans.

Thank you all and I wish I  could say that I do it all for you, but we all know I do it for the girls!

Porn guy - a definition: a solid utility piece used primarily in the machine that is hardcore pornography...

People always ask the same questions; How did you get into this? How did you know this was for you? What does it take to be a porn guy?

Mark Ashley

The truth is I don't know. It's just something that's in you or it's not. It's that simple... We are an anomoly of sex. We're like a good 4x4 truck that takes a beating and hard use and it's still ready for more. There are less working porn guys in L.A. than there are pro athletes, professional musicians, tradesmen, doctors, lawyers, beggars and thieves. The few, the proud, the L.A. Porn guy!

Mark Ashley is a male pornstar with a hardcore career over the last 10 years in the adult film industry working with many of the top adult film companies. He has featured in numerous adult categories and has focused a majority of his career on Gonzo Porn. His contribution to the adult industry includes:

Mark Ashley is a valuable member of the porn community who is dedicated to providing premium hardcore adult entertainment with a unique brand focusing on quality and entertainment. He is best known for his contribution to gonzo porn. In his off time Mark enjoys staying fit practicing martial arts grappling and kick boxing. He also enjoys playing the drums and working on and driving his truck while listening to heavy metal music.

Mark Ashley.

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